Luis Drayton – a solo artist currently on Fusion Records and also a DJ and presenter in his own right, Luis co-hosts the Fusion Music Radio Show, along with various other shows syndicated to FM and internet stations across the globe.


Kim Groff – the man behind The KIN’DRED and STONES, two of Fusion Records’ best-loved acts, Kim is now also proud to serve as Luis’ co-host on both “Butterflies and Hurricanes” (a show syndicated to various FM and internet stations) and now the Fusion Music Radio Show…


Professor P-Soop - Musical chameleon and comedian Professor P-Soop is blazing his own trail with a unique mashup of rock, rap, comedy and more and now bringing it on air to Fusion Music Radio with some great guests, Music and comedy antics Tune in


DJ OCTANE, of Project Octane bringing you continuous electronic dance music with his "In The Mix" Shows.

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