Here are is our current team of presenters, if your interested in Joining our team please contact Luis Drayton Program Director through our contact page.

Luis Drayton is Program Director for Fusion Music Radio, and also Co Host of Butterflies and Hurricanes  airing every Friday at 11pm GMT and 6pm EST. Luis also is a artist on Fusion Records.


Professor P - Soop is Co Host of Butterflies and Hurricanes with Luis Drayton. The Professor is also a recording artist on Fusion Records and also presents The Soop Kitchen show on Fusion Music Radio.


Octane presents The Surgemaster Sessions on Fusion Music Radio. He is also a Worldwide DJ and Producer and Recording Artist on Surge Records and Five Management. Octane's shows can be found on our website and also directly on his website here


Birds of a Feather, hosted by Christina Baldwin and Professor P-Soop, is indie music focused with witty, fuck-laden and insanely interesting and unhinged banter. Fascinating, fun features and thematic song submissions will confuse, infuse and delight you!





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